Elder Man’s Eyes Melted Away & Made Him Blind When He Was 65 Years Old

This man used to be manly & cheerful more than anyone I never knew That a person’s pupil can melt and disappear His eyes melted & disappeared?! Hands are grabbed tight Production Crew/ Do you guys always hold hands together? We have to My husband can’t be by himself Husband can’t see at all But […]

Commerce Resources (TSXV:CCE) reports high-grade tantalum and niobium assays from Quebec

I’m Lesley Mapstone for Investmentpitch.com Commerce Resources, symbol CCE on the TSX Venture Exchange has reported several very high-grade tantalum and Niobium assays from a limited prospecting and sampling program carried out on the Eldor Property in Northern Quebec in 2013. Commerce Resources, an exploration and development company, is focusing on the development of its […]

MrExcel’s Learn Excel #636 – Combining Worksheets

Welcome back to the MrExcel netcast. I’m Bill Jelen. Today, we have a great question sent in by James. If you have a question for the podcast, please feel free to either call in and leave your question as a voice mail, or drop me a note [email protected] James said hey, I have a workbook […]

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Learn Excel from MrExcel Episode 906 – Holiday Mail Merge

Hey, alright, welcome back to the MrExcel netcast, I’m Bill Jelen. Well, we’re getting close to the holiday season. You might want to be sending out the holiday cards, and if you already have your customer list in Excel, we can take that data and create labels over in Word. This is always a hard […]

The MERGE Curriculum Brings It All Together at Michigan Ross

The MERGE curriculum is the foundation for your future. As a Michigan Ross BBA, you’ll gain a strong background in business, as well as liberal arts and sciences. You’ll discover the Ross vision of leadership and positive business, understanding your role in business, and how business impacts society. You’ll learn by doing. The best way […]

How to Merge Multiple Facebook Pages

Today we are going to talk about merging multiple Facebook pages I recently did a blog post on reshiftmedia.com about what to do if you have multiple pages on Facebook that both represent the same business but we’re getting a lot of questions and comments so I thought it’ll be a good idea to do […]