Tailgate Fire! | Bic Flame Disk

does a Frisbee…work for a grill? we’ll find out here… it’s a quick review of the Bic Flamedisk. Stand by… Tailgate season I thought i’d try and do a little grilling here with something made for the tailgate I guess… This is called the Bic Flamedisk Portable Outdoor grill charcoal alternative for your grill. Good […]

Melting Scrap Copper – Pouring Copper

since I have all this copper and I might as well start melting some bars… figured I would go ahead and do that today! We got lots of copper here so I guess I’ll start by throwing a nice little chunk in the bottom and I think since there’s so much copper here I’m gonna […]

Melting SALT in a Furnace

Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the dome where today! We’re gonna be doing some experiments using salt and seeing what happens if we melt it down in our foundry some other channels have already Done some experiments using molten salt, and I figured it was our turn to give it a shot so […]

Dancing flames – aluminium and the reactivity series

So, it’s been a while since we’ve burnt anything here at Exhibition Chemistry, time to rectify that. Yes this month we’re going to be returning to the home of all the best things that go bang, pop and whizz and that’s of course the reactivity series. So this demonstration is going to be showing something […]

Flame Test 05

this demonstration here’s a little bit more exciting version of the flame test lab or demo that’s normally done. What I’m doing here, I’m pouring methyl alcohol across several different well plates containing different metal salts, in what my students call a bartending look here, but what I’ve done is I’ve pour the alcohol across […]

NASA | Scientists Link Earlier Melting Of Snow To Dark Aerosols

It’s not easy to see aerosols in Earth’s atmosphere, but they’re there. And NASA scientists say these tiny particles are having a profound effect on snowpack and spring climate in the Northern Hemisphere. At any moment, millions of tons of aerosols lifted by winds and generated by wildfires and the burning of fossil fuels are […]

Combustion & Flames: What is Combustion – Definition & Chemical Equation – 01 For Class 8th and NTSE

Hello Students, Today, we are going to start with new lesson, COMBUSTION AND FLAME. Okay? So, in this chapter basically we will read about the types of flames, How the things burn? Why the things burn? About the fire. Okay? Now, when I say we will study about fire, Children , we all are well […]

How to Neatly Cut Synthetic Rope and Fuse Ends with No Special Tools!

Hey this is Jersey Tom and today I’m going to show you how to put clean ends on synthetic rope so you don’t have to deal with this fuzzy stuff. So what you need is some masking tape, paper masking tape, can’t use electrical tape, packaging tape or any other synthetic tape, it’s gotta be […]