How to change a Ford Edge Gear Shift light

thanks for watching hindsight 101 click the subscribe button and select the notification bell to stay up to date so here I’ll show you how to replace the bulb for your gear shift pretty simple all you have to do is first top of this up here there’s a special tool it looks kind of […]

how to make a snow globe with fuse bulb ?

HI friend. Welcome to a new video of M4Tech. Today we are going to make a snow globe out of a spoilt bulb in our house. First take a non working bulb for that. Cut off the holder from this part of it as shown in the video. Now use a screwdriver and make a […]

Brightest LED Bulbs Save 80% On Your Electricity Bill

Energy & Electricity in Science : How Does Electricity Light Up a Bulb?

Hi, I’m Steve Jones and I’m going to tell you how electricity lights up a bulb. Well, the bulb doesn’t really light up unless there is a coating on it, it is the filament inside which lights up and the filament is made usually of something called tungsten which is a very hard material and […]

The Metal Halide Lamp (MH)

Here we have some Metal Halide HID Lamps-High Intensity Discharge which in it self is a family of lamps that produces light by passing current thru a gas like a florescent but at high intensity. The arc itself produces enough light to actually be useable as a light source so unlike the florescent they don’t […]


We’d definitely miss it, but what is it? Well atoms have smaller parts Some negatively charged Which can move and flow along…we call each one, an electron …And the flow of these is electricity……We call it a c-u-R-R- e-n-t Measured in amps with an ammeter….And check the sound coming through your speaker And when they […]

3 inventive lighting projects using LED strips

LED strips. Incredibly useful if you know what you’re going to do with them. Chances are though you’ll buy some and end up just sticking them to a wall or something which would be a bit boring and that’s a shame as you can be really quite creative with what you do with them. So […]