Simple architect practice- COMBINE THE SHAPES

Hello. I am very glad that you find me This short video will reveal to you that there is infinite amount of combinations of shapes One simple practice will obligate you to start to think not just copy of a particular for building. When we get an object, which looks unusual we just combine our […]

Commercial Retail Metal Building Testimonial, Retail Steel Building

Yeah, the the name of the store here in Restoule is Jerry’s General Store. It was established in 1951 as a general store. Before that it was a it was a lodge. As the years went on obviously the store expanded, and now has gas, propane, a liquor agency. We sell groceries, camping supplies to […]

David Adjaye: “Place, Identity, and Transformation” | Talks at Google

[MUSIC PLAYING] SHIH HUA LIONG: Welcome, everyone. Thanks for coming. And welcome, David, to Talks at Google. DAVID ADJAYE: Thank you. SHIH HUA LIONG: Just a quick intro. David is one of the leading architects of his generation. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about him in the news of late. One of the most […]