Fionna & Flame Prince – Dynamite (Champs) [HD][Lyrics-English]

The night will begin Already began to heat No one will hold me Today I don’t want and can’t stop It’s in the way of looking It’s my dance style I’ll catch you in a way that you will not belive I want to stay with her I want have the lady It’s like Romeo […]

Jakub Čech – Growth of 3D Artist – MERGE 2018 Full Talk – Beginners Archviz – SK/ENG

So for the next speaker I would love to introduce is my friend Jakub Cech. Some time ago we made one week long rendering session. I asked Jakub what he was doing next week and he replied not much, come over to Slovakia. So I took my computer and we were making pictures just for […]

BF4 – How to Shoot Down Helicopters and Jets

Hey guys Level WHO here. Today I will do my best to show you how to shoot down aircraft with a tank. There are some tips I will cover in another video about angling and positioning But what I wanted to do was talk about how to use the tank’s cross-hair to line up your […]