Watch How to Combine Wire Wrapped Beads with Components and Chain with Fusion Beads

– [Lindsay] Now that you’ve perfected the techniques from the first three videos in the series, you’re ready to build a whole project using all of the techniques you learned. In this video, I’m gonna walk you through making this necklace. We’ll start by creating the focal, our pendant portion of the necklace. This is […]

How to Make Your Own Jewelry : Jewelry Casting: Part One

So the first thing that we need to do, this is a typical centrifugal caster or a spin caster is go ahead and spin it up. We have spring loaded casing here at the bottom. The first thing that you want to do is balance it so that when the force of the metal is […]

How to Use the Jeweller’s Micro-Flame Butane Torch

Go to for all of your beading supplies needs! Hi. This is Julie with Today we’re going to do a product demo of the Mirco-Flame Torch. This is great for using in various jewelry projects including resin making when you want to get the bubbles out, soldering, jewelry casting wax working, metal sculpting […]