ACOPOStrak: Merge product flows for batch size one production

Demand for customized products has never been higher – particularly among the young generation of digital natives. These products increase customer loyalty and command higher margins. High-speed ACOPOStrak diverters merge product flows responsively and in real time. Composing custom sets at full production speed with no changeover elevates availability and makes mass customization economically attractive, […]

Bears RB Tarik Cohen Goes Through the “Jewish Combine” | Simms & Lefkoe: The Show

Tarik Cohen’s comin’ to New York to eat at a Jewish deli with Simms and Lefkoe? Oy vey! ♪♪ When I heard there was a guy in the NFL, Simms named Tarik Cohen, I said, “Mwah. L’chaim. We’ve got ourselves finally, a Jewish running back,” and then I found out not only have you never […]

Game of Zones – S5:E2: The Sun Kings

When will Lord Sarver and your master of basketball operations be arriving? They have entrusted me as emissary. Now what is this trade? Trade? No We’ve come to discuss an alliance An alliance? How would that even work? Think of it more as a merger Individually, our houses are weak but together, we can dominate […]

Syrian Metal Is War – A Força do Verdadeiro Metal!

Hey Nerdbanger! beauty? Welcome to Nerd Metal, I’m Pablo. I’m Eduardo Zang. And today, let’s talk True Underground Scenery, is not it? That’s right So before we start the video (although we’ve already started it…) Do not forget, join the channel! See people on social networks there Nerd Metal It’s on Facebook, it’s on Instagram. […]

BF4 – How to Shoot Down Helicopters and Jets

Hey guys Level WHO here. Today I will do my best to show you how to shoot down aircraft with a tank. There are some tips I will cover in another video about angling and positioning But what I wanted to do was talk about how to use the tank’s cross-hair to line up your […]