Building the screw advance box joint jig

back in 2012 I shot a 40 minute long four-part series on building this screw advance box joint jig, and looking at that recently I realized my editing has gotten much tighter since then so I went through all of the footage and I was able to cut it down to one 20 minute video […]

Recreating a 100 Year Old Finger Joint Box / Woodworking Project

today’s video is brought to you by Squarespace whether you need a domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace. This one is going to be a fun project today we’re going to see if we can recreate this century-old Crayon box. We’re going to make a couple where we try and […]

Modern Entryway Table using Finger Joints & Pocket Holes

Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we built a walnut entryway table and we love it we originally designed this so it could be made 100% with dimensional lumber, meaning it wouldn’t need to be ripped on the table saw or anything like that, just picked up at the home center and cut […]