The best way to melt Chocolate! – Lifehack

Today we show you how to melt your chocolate right. Heat up your water and a bowl where you can put your crushed chocolate bars in. Put your little pieces of chocolate into the bowl. Be careful that no water can come into your bowl. After 5 minutes your chocolate is well melted.

#36 SV Seeker Platter

welcome back to Austringer Creations I’m Greg. We’re going to try another platter I’m not sure what this wood is I got quite a bit of it from a guy who bought a shed and had no idea what it was, told me I could have it if I needed it but we’ll see what […]

How to Melt Shaving Soap Refill Puck into a Bowl or Mug Using Stovetop and Boiling Water

Hello everyone, my name is Omar from men’s soap company. In this video I’ll show you how to melt one of our shaving soap refill pucks into a bowl of your choice. Don’t worry, the steps are actually very simple. To get started you’ll need the following items. A refill puck of course. This is […]

Melted Vinyl Record Bowl- easy DIY

Hi guys, this is Shay with Throne and Thimble and today I have a really fun and easy DIY for you guys to try, we’re gonne be melting vinyl records, so stick around and I’ll show you how to make them. So the main thing here is your vinyl records try and get the black […]

Pusheen Pizza Stainless Steel Cat Bowl

hi everyone Vanessa here back when another pushing video and this is a cat steel bowl we’ve got from Amazon hey princess and I cost $25 cuz it was an America I’m just patting Petco on Amazon like us where I got these beds to some Petco so it looks like it’s steel golden so […]