Contractor Optimizes TIG and Stick Welding Performance

On the Job with Mader – Expansion continues in WA

Hi there, I’m Ben Nash, Manager of the Ancillary division. Come June 19, I’ll have worked at Mader for ten years. In my time here, I’ve helped kick off the field service team. In my time at Mader, we’ve grown from 30 to 130 employees. I’m excited about growth opportunities in the Pilbara region with […]

Boilermakers Career Video

Working in a harness on top of a dam hundreds of feet up… crouched in a corner of a storage tank… sparks flying… the work of a boilermaker takes strength, stamina, and the willingness to endure heights as well as confined spaces. Boilermakers install and repair boilers, closed vats, and other large vessels that are […]

Boilermakers Change Welding Polarity With Push of a Button

Primarily on a boiler maintenance outage, we go in and we repair the boiler tubing. The biggest portion where the manpower’s concentrated at is inside the boiler. We’ll run like a hundred machines in different elevations and you may have bank of 20 or 30 machines, with leads coming from everywhere and a guy could […]