Training for the Future: Aluminum Body Work

I’m Ron Gill. I work for TriState Collision Equipment. I’m here to demo, to show the correct way to put on the new ford box side, the new aluminum box side. 2015 was the first year for the aluminum Fords. Ford was the first. They’re looking at Chevrolet and Dodge to follow. Probably by 2021 […]

Our heavy equipment bodywork tips and tricks- repairing rust and fiberglass

What’s up this is Kenny Young here at Newman Tractor and today we’re gonna do bod ywork! First things first, we’re doing some body work and we’re pulling off the doors. On some of the older equipment uh, you know, you can’t find parts for. So sometimes in our shop, we’ll just have to fab […]

Create New Tabs on Urethane Bumper Covers

Urethane bumper covers are often discarded because of broken tabs and bolt holes. These bumpers can easily be repaired using an airless plastic welder. Because thermoset urethane bumper covers do not melt, you do not get a true fusion weld. Instead, the repair is similar to a brazing process. Grind the area to be repaired […]

How to Retexture Bumper Covers

In this video we will show the full procedure to refinish this textured area on the bottom of this Mazda bumper. These areas are prone to get road rash and scratches. This bumper had a small tear which had to be welded. Clean the area to be refinished with 1000 Super Clean or 1001 Eco […]

Plastic Radiator Repair – Fix Radiator Leak

Many do-it-yourselfers replace their radiators because of tiny cracks and pin holes in the plastic radiator tanks. These can be repaired easily with the radiator repair kit from Polyvance. If you have a heat gun, you can speed up the repair by pre-heating and softening the plastic. Heat the plastic slowly so that the heat […]

How To Straighten Metal On Car Parts