A Beautiful Fall Week at the Boatyard

welcome to Tulsa Oklahoma I’m Doug that’s seeker it’s cold out here and rainy too in this video it’s a hodgepodge I think it’s kind of one of those videos a what do you what’s like to have a week at seeker okay this is a good one of those okay when I’ve been here […]

Plasma Cutting and Welding TIG and MIG

yeah it’s a windy out the wind picked up outside so we moved inside and things that make building nice have sections in there but then you’ll get those people to see you can’t weld in the wind I’ve welded MIG in 45 mile an hour way it a cart and car for something yeah […]

Engine Cooling, Leaning TIG, Bart’s Trailer Fire

hi i’m doug and behind me a sailing vessel seeker she’s gonna be a free research vessel on the ocean once we get her built she’s a sail boat but she also has engines and she needs to cool those engines so at the back of the boat here where the rudder and the propeller […]

Painting the Boat – Stripe Coat – Part 7 of many

it’s hot out here today so the pink is a second tote with some ice in the bottom helps it from going off a little too quick okay for everybody coming down and bring in your RV there’s a nice flat place for you to park the ruts are all filled in you know who […]

Water Cooled Hydraulic Oil Tank

welcome to saving vessel seeker and we’re gonna start on a hydraulics just a tank for now but we’ve got a lot of hydraulics on here the anchor winch will be hydraulic there’s a hydraulic motor that goes on this thing for lifting the tender onto the davits there’s a hydraulic deck crane that goes […]

BIG DIY SandBlaster – Everything I’ve Learned about Blasting and Priming

okay if you have some sandblasting and priming need to do this is the video I would have liked the scene before I started doing that let’s start with the sandblaster itself now you’ll hear a lot of people say you need to do this and you do that and you can tweak sandblasters that’s […]

You Can Weld, It’s Easy – Pressure Testing the Hydraulic Tank

i PSI but we’re done yep I’ve been slacking all morning and Jeb has been in here so testing our tank and even welding up the leaks and what’s amazing is I did the welding I had like six or eight leaks on it he’s done the patches over those leaks and they don’t leak […]

CNC Mill, Lathe, Router, 3D Printer, and Plasma Table Going to Sea

what we’re doing is broken of our place to put this on the boat and make the mouse force so we’re transposing its measurements to a piece of cardboard to the cardboard I’ll take that in because it weighs a whole lot less than the machine it’s worth getting this right so we can expensive […]

Casting and Installing Anodes & Learning to Weld

I’m Doug behind me a saving vessel seeker she’s a big steel boat so she needs a nose and so in this video we’re making anodes so what happens when you put two dissimilar pieces of metal like nickel and iron or aluminum and steel together in you and do some with an electrolyte like […]