Wood table top do it yourself.

Hello Today I will make a simple wooden countertop Which I will install instead of a windowsill to increase the working space in a small room in fact I almost finished the production of the tabletop itself, but Unfortunately, this video was irretrievably lost Therefore using a vivid imagination. We imagine how it was as […]

Car Rust Repair -How to Fix Rust Pits in a Fender with Glazing Putty & Rust Encapsulator at Eastwood

hi my name is mike i’m a tech here at Eastwood and we’re right in the middle of working on project resolution and the spot here on the fender needs a little more attention so today I’m going to show you how to mix spread and sand some of our contour glazing putty and the […]

PRODUCT REVIEW: PVC Fascia & Soffit – The Basic Terms Used | PVC Cladding

hello welcome to the PBS L group this is a model that we’ve set up to give you an idea of where the sections of your eaves actually go so where the fascia boards go where the soffit boards go what is a barge board what the corner and joints are used for and the […]