Garagistic: E30/E36 Brass caliper guide bushings and stainless steel brake lines

Speaker 1: Welcome to the Garagistic, your premiere BMW online store for e30’s, e36’s, e46’s, and other classic BMW’s. Please subscribe for product updates, coupon codes and new releases and instructions. Today we’re going to talk about brass caliper guides. These brass caliper guides are meant to replace the rubber caliper guides in your e30, […]

Uusi muovikolvi ja ruosteet – Audi S2 ep19

Hi, everything should be ready for this evening which we spend on the garage repairing S I send email to Az-Reptec where I bought those bumper repair rods If they could send me their welding iron So I could do better repairs to that bumper and install that support mesh easier well they did send […]

WELDING | From Clueless to Patching the Floors of Your Rusty Car (How to Weld Sheet Metal)

Do you know how weld? I didn’t either. Probably if you’re watching this video because you want to start doing your own bodywork, but you just don’t know how to weld Stick around and I will show you how to go from not knowing how to weld to getting your own welder to patching the […]

How much does it cost to build a cafe racer motorcycle?

so how much does it cost to build a cafe racer well the absolute honest answer is anything you want to pay pretty much you’ve got two ways of building a cafe racer bike, you’ve got the cheap way and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that that’s pretty much what i’ve done myself and there’s […]

Vanha etupuskuri.. UUSI kamera – Audi S2 ep17

Think the camera is on… Hello, I’m Asko and this is sweatpants garage I’m so exited. I have new camera Don’t know how to use it and the mic is still on the way So we have to use this mic But we hit the 5000 subscriber mark big thanks to You all! apparently subscriber […]

HOW TO WELD?! | BMW E30 318is – EPI#9 PT.3

Maybe you think: what’s he doing? There is a hole over here. And inside the trunk there is some upholstery. When you are going to weld, there comes in a high temperature. So it’s important to remove your interior and everything that can probably burn. That’s the reason why we disassemble this and this. Probably […]