This craft is so dear to my heart.. Even if you gave me a hundred thousand to work somewhere else, I wouldn’t go …the little money that I earn here is more than enough for me to stay I only want to do this craft It has started with Âblla (Abdellah), my great-grandfather followed by […]

Making a Wrought Iron Garden Gate

Welcome to another long overdue video. In this video, I will show the construction of a wrought iron garden gate, and when I say wrought iron I just mean the style and not the material. There will be a lot of welding, but also a little bit of blacksmithing We are starting by creating the […]

Forging the Horn & Bumper | Heavy Forge Welding | Engels Coach Shop

Well, as you remember from last week, when we had Chris Harris here, we did the front of the back axle, with the reach and the reach hounds. This week we’re gonna secure the axle to the reach and the reach hounds. Positioned on the back of the reach is what’s known as the horn […]

Schuttler Wagon Wheel Emergency Repairs

It was just a short trip to town and not far to go. Just had a few repairs before we’re headed to Cheyenne Frontier Days Well… so much for schedules. This is an original Peter Schuttler wagon and this wheel took the brunt of the wreck. So, we’re gonna take time and fix this wheel […]

Maker Adds to Blacksmith Skills with Welding Technology Program at Taft College | Find It. Be It.

(Music Plays) I came to Taft College to learn Welding, to better myself as a Blacksmith, as I’ve been doing blacksmithing for several years at home, and I want to get into making damascus, which is layering several different steels prior to welding them, in order to properly fuse them together. I am not going […]

How To Make Prop Armor – PREVIEW

>>TONY SWATTON: My name is Tony Swatton. Welcome to my shop. This is The Sword & The Stone in Burbank, CA and I make suits of armor and swords and all kinds of film props and costumes. My job designation is…. Well in a lot of ways it’s a costumer or a prop maker. But […]

blacksmithing – How to Forge Weld

Hi It’s will from And here on youtube you know me as what? epic fantasy that’s right And this is my latest tutorial This is not a project you make This is a blacksmithing lesson On a basic blacksmithing skill called forge welding So this video is how to forge weld What is that? […]

Wagon Spokes and Forge Welding

The plans for building these Borax wagons was in about the 9th or 10th year before the Death Valley Conservancy contacted me with the possibility, to see if I could help them out. Well, in part of that planning process they had accumulated a fair bit of red oak, in three and four inch thick. […]

Making Damascus with Alec Steele!

ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the workshop that’s my intro so today we’re gonna be forging a blade for our 3d printed knife handles with Alec so Alec how are we gonna do this first thing that we’re gonna do is we need to make a cool Damascus pattern raindrop Damascus gotta get the […]

Ковка шлема. Forging helmet. Armet, sallet, bascinet… Speed challenge.

Just for the fun of it. How long will it take for me to forge a skull (before alignment) for the closed helmed called “armet Griffon” in our portfolio? This is the incorrect name, we will have to change it later. I think that the forging will take around 1.5 – 2 hours. To make […]