It’s Like a Purse That Melts Iron

[Captions by Y Translator] Today, we’re going to be taking a look at a very old-fashioned way to heat up a fire, hot enough that it can melt metal. [Music] I’m here again with my friend Joseph, and we’ve got some leather and some other supplies, and Joseph is going to teach us how to […]

Making Coke Fuel for Melting Metals

Welcome back to Householdlabs. In the past I’ve tried to melt brass and copper with steel cans and clay graphite crucibles; neither have worked so far. I’m using coal as my fuel source, which burns really hot, but at a certain temperature, it starts releasing a tar-like substance which seals the coal together and resists […]

Blacksmithing: Forging a Bottle Opener

>>Today’s episode is brought to you by Roman.>>Yeah man, they got these swipes head on over to You’ll get $10 off and free two day shipping. Oh, I missed it. You see like in the old movies they get the rhythm going, it’s like ding ding ding ding ding. We didn’t get anywhere near […]

Make a Pattern Welded Knife from Scrap Metal Can & box Cutter Blades

scrap cans Sandpaper # 60 Box Cutter Blades Acetone Surface cleaning Cutter Blade + scrap can + Cutter Blade + scrap can + …… Center, STC3 (tool steel) 79 layer welding Borax (flux) About 2,552 ° F (1400 ° C) or more Borax (flux) Annealing Korean cabbage harvest Sanding # 40 Sandpaper # 100 Dies […]

From Steel to Sword–Here’s How Blacksmiths Mold Metal

[Laughs] This is Arnon. It’s all authentic, man. You know I worked for three hours to get that dirt on just right. He’s a blacksmith who loves chemistry. Arnon founded Bridgetown Forge in Portland, Oregon in the early 2000s, and that’s where the Reactions team met up with him. We were lucky enough to get […]


This craft is so dear to my heart.. Even if you gave me a hundred thousand to work somewhere else, I wouldn’t go …the little money that I earn here is more than enough for me to stay I only want to do this craft It has started with Âblla (Abdellah), my great-grandfather followed by […]

I is for Ironwork

§ (male speaker) I is for ironwork. There’s probably no other American city that has the concentration of historic, forged, architectural ironwork that Charleston, South Carolina, does. § In modern times, probably the best known smith working in Charleston was Mr. Philip Simmons. He began his career as a general blacksmith. (Simmons) I became an […]

The Secret of Making a Pattern-Welded Viking Spear

Welcome to an end-to-end from start to finish video on making the Complete Viking Spear. In the Viking Era, the spear was the most common weapon. It had long range and was much cheaper than a sword. The wolf tooth spear in particular has fascinated me since I first saw it in the ‘Swords of […]

Making a Rail Anvil Stand

The rail gets traced here to establish a template The outline is cut using a bandsaw The template fits over the rail in both directions Strips of 1/2″ plywood are cut on the table saw Plywood squares are cut The template is used to trace the outline onto each square Holes are drilled to help […]