Fake Snow is plastic debunked. Snowballs melt to water. Myth Snowballs Don’t melt by torch

okay so this is a video from my good friend Mike see back we are gonna go outside and collect some good old fashion Hoboken snow which in Hoboken we should probably have some the dirtiest most chemical filled snow out there just trying to debunk something short on the Internet still school it a […]

Membuat Sumbu Cepat (QuickMatch Fuse)

Step 1 Make black powder 6 Parts Potasium chlorate (Kclo3) 1 parts Sulfur 3 parts Charcoal Enter into 3 mixture, stir until evenly distributed try to burn Step 2 Make BlackMatch Fuse Add 5% Dextrin to Black Powder Mix well Give the water a little at a time until it thickens like mud Enter the […]

Melting Ice Caps: One Scientist’s Point of View

We’ve lost more than half the sea ice that used to be around in the 80s. We’re continuing over this last decade this ever-increasing loss of ice during the summer, but also this startling thinning that’s been going on as well. There’s so much ice loss that the Arctic is in a new state. We’re […]

One Eye And The Owl HBCU Take Over | Sugar and Toys | Fuse

Gee One Eye, what do you wanna do today? The same thing we do everyday, try to take over a historically black college. ♪ The One Eye and the Owl ♪ ♪ One Eye and the Owl ♪ ♪ A pyramid schemer with a pal that is a fowl ♪ ♪ From the 1% to […]


HALLOWOY! BEFORE WE START WATCH THIS VIDEO PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ALVINFTHR CHANNEL AND TURN ON THE NOTIFICATION DONE? HALLOWOY! welcome back to my channel with me Alvin at ALVINFTHR CHANNEL In this video, i’ll try to fuse the outfit to make season outfit as you know… FREE PLAYER GOT 2 FREE OUTFIT Pre-Registration Free Outfit NOW! […]

Born In Flames Trailer

05.05.17 — BLACK MARIA cinema at Cinema Beltrade, Milan, present Born in Flames (1983) a movie by Lizzie Borden. Restored digital version presented by Anthology Film Archives New York, restoration funding provided by The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and The Film Foundation. In collaboration with Cinenova. BLACK MARIA cinema is part of LIANE~LINEA~ALIEN project by […]

etrailer | Pop and Lock Vehicle Locks – Tailgate Lock – PAL3400 Review

【Metal Slug Attack】Laboratory : RAMAL

🛡METAL SLUG ATTACK🛡 Let’s Get Starting! Menu~~~ Laboratory Let’s see kamal skill and level! Her Name is “kamal”. Let’s Practice! Rebel Army Already??? Wow… Mummy Revenge!!! Mummy Warrior 😱 Ramal : BEGONE! Ok, Next Stage! Space Army (Martian) Mars!!! Arsinoe, No!!! No,no,no!!! That was close…. Next Stage! Next Stage (Space Army Again) Space Army (Martian) […]