NINGEN ISU / Heartless Scat(人間椅子 / 無情のスキャット)

If you, Holy Angels, do exist in this universe, Will you bless me on the cheeks? With my painful effort never paid off. I’ve just been standing in the shadow, Will the day come someday when I can fly high in the sky? Will the day come when I can see the sun? Tell me, […]

Top 10 Heavy Metal Guitar Solos

REBECCA: These guys certainly make playing metal on the axe look easy. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Heavy Metal Guitar Solos. For this list, we’ve limited it to one song per artist. Keep in mind that we’re only focusing on heavy metal, so, no hard rock […]

Gym Workout Song – “Heavy Metal Atmosphere” by Buff Dudes

Supination Pronation Words to know if you live a gym vocation Palms ascend (they ascend) Palms dump (they dump) Pretty helpful if you need a bicep pump Our knowledge (our knowledge) Your brain (your brain) Don’t overdo it or you’ll FEEL THE PAIN Food and rest (the rest) Lead to growth (the growth) Keys as […]


Hi I’m bobby Crispy! This Video Is Part 1 of how to play the 25 Best Metal Riffs ever so in This Video I’ll Show how to play RifFs 1 Through 13 So i’ll play them first Then I’ll Show how they Played Note for note using tabs ok, Rough Number one Is Iron man […]

CASSETTE Collection Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, AOR. Video di Tomas Ticciati

Benvenuti a tutti vintage maniaci di YouTube per un nuovo video del mio canale questo sarà un video non Cinematografico Bensì un video musicale un video che andrà a prendere una per una tutte le musicassette che ho messo via Diciamo dal 2002 al 2008 perché in quel periodo era un grande fissato il grande […]

A Brief History of Metal

– Wait, ready. On the ice-blasted expanses of the hyperborean wastelands, heavy metal was forged from unrelenting brutality, the blackest dark, and the purest hatred the human mind can conceive. (evil laughter) A brief history of metal. (metal music) – Metal music basically started in the late 60s, when hippie acid rock bands began cranking […]

Where Did Screaming in Metal Come From?

– This is Sound Field. – We all scream, maybe from happiness, anger, fear, shock, pain, but why so much screaming in metal? And how do we do it without destroying our voice? Nahre and I are gonna find out. (dramatic music) – We’ll likely never know when screaming and music first intersected, but the […]