Hei alle sammen! Be welcome to another video here at my channel I am in Bergen! And today I will do a very special tour for the ones who loves metal just like me. I will visit some important places to the black metal history here in Bergen. For the ones who doesn’t know, Bergen […]

London’s Most Exciting Restaurant is a Metal Blasting, Meat Haven — The Meat Show

(rock music) – [Nick] Heavy metal at maximum decibels and phallic imagery are not what you expect to welcome you at one of London’s most important restaurants. Yet that’s exactly what you’re gonna get at Black Axe Mangal. Literally every chef I spoke to in this city told me I had to try this place. […]

Nanowar Of Steel – Norwegian Reggaeton (feat. Charly Glamour & Gigatron)

Hvis lyset tar oss [If the light takes us, an album by Burzum] Viking heart, from Santo Domingo The burned church, the pinya colada Let’s go dancing with Det som engang var [What once was, album by Burzum] Cuban warrior, pagan dancer Drinking a mojito, during the sacrifice Let’s go dancing with Hellhammer and Varg! […]

Black metal TETRIS

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TETRIS with BLACK METAL drumming

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BLACK METAL (1998) Documentary Belgium (with ENG subtitles)

The agressivity which this music unleashes, I find it magical. Gives me a kick. This is the end, that’s all I can I say. It’s the top ! It’s awesome ! In your room, stereo out loud, cigarettes, beer and… See you later, he! This is Cernunnos, a forest divinity. It’s a symbol, I don’t believe in […]

Girls Hate Metal!

This video is dedicated to all you girls out there who are metalheads! ♫ Hannah Montana LIVE ♫ ♫ Best of both worlds! ♫ m/ Real Music m/ Yeah! [Stomping] CUT IT!!!! [Stomping more]Turn that down! I’m trying to watch Miley Cyrus Live! It sounds like math. Well, the music you listen to sounds like […]

How to make Norwegian Black Metal

do you want to stand out in high school worship Satan and turn your D&D roleplay videos into music videos do you want to look like a cute mall Panda does your local church look a bit cold to you then I got the genre for you: Norwegian Black Metal Let’s worship Satan while we […]

GRETA Thunberg sings BLACK DEATH metal – HOW DARE YOU meme

How dare you!