Crazy Jumbo Lighter with Huge Flame (real)

Online Chemistry Lecture – Relative Melting Point

Oh, hi. Up on this board I’ve gone ahead and compartmentalized some compounds. What we have on the far left are the inert gases, group 18s, such as helium neon, and argon. You can look at a periodic table and see that these are the inert gases. I’ve got molecules listed, which are a combination […]

Huge ball and socket joint

Balls and socket! Morning people after making a small puppet you can see here it’s time for bigger things and today I’m thinking to make the biggest ball and socket I can I have these two handles this is small this is the size! near a kilo and 7 cms this is massive super heavy, […]

China’s Elephant Man – My Face Melted: Body Bizarre Episode 7

START 00:07 COMM: Hunan Province, Southern China, hoe to 37-year-old Huang Chuncai. 00:14 COMM: Huang is suffering from the world’s biggest ever facial tumour and has the worst recorded case of neurofibromatosis. 00:31 COMM: The rare genetic condition causes excessive cell growth, and tumours that have melted his face, and earned him the nickname China’s […]

Hyderabad News // दिशा मामले की आई फॉरेंसिक रिपोर्ट में हुआ एक और बड़ा खुलासा

One more big revelation in the Forensic report of Disha case

About DC Inverter Welders with Lou Santiago

Welding technology doesn’t change that fast Lets face it, the last big innovation in welding was Mig Machines in the late ’80’s, early ’90’s They became small enough where a guy could take it and wheel it around his shop Wasn’t a big huge machine the size of a garage With that said, we’re going […]

How’d They Build That? BIG TRUCK DVD

We see them everyday Hauling loads of lumber, food, or other supplies on our nations highways Moving a family’s furniture and cherished belongings from an old house to a new one. Delivering packages or bottled water, to homes and offices and rushing to save lives at the scene of a fire or other emergency They […]