Sonny Flame – All We Had Is Gone (Official Video)

I feel that all we had is gone now We can’t even look each other in the eye You always said that you love me But now you act like an enemy You’re telling me you’re unhappy ‘Cause I am living just for me You’re taking all of my energy Yeah Leave me, like you […]

[Electronica] Melting Order – On the Run [ʜ/ʀ]

Good evening Heard. Your signals are coming in fine tonight What about vibration? A radio transmitter could coordinate the movement of the troops to keep an unbroken contact between our forces on the ground, in the air and on the sea You wanna run, you wanna run away You wanna run, you wanna run away […]

BON JOVI – IT’S MY LIFE (Metal Cover)

Hey guys, PelleK here. Hope you’re doing awesome! This is another video in the Coca-Cola sponsored campaign “Choose Happiness.” So uh, songs that make me happy and I hope make you happy as well. Today we’re really gonna ‘metallize’ this song. “It’s my life” by Bon Jovi, and I hope you like it, leave a […]

Stratovarius – Eagleheart Subtitulado (Video official)

Tested in 2017: Adam Savage’s Favorite Things!

Hey guys, it’s Adam from tested And it’s time to go over my favorite things this year. The five things (counts) that I have chosen Are weird and they show a wide range, but that’s also because the range of my interests is wide And I thought I would choose some things that showed just […]