Composite Repairs Webinar – Alternatives to Welding, Using Wraps, Patches and Pads

Today we will talk about Alternatives to Welding with Wraps, Patches and Pads First of all, let’s look at the problems that metallic assets can experience experience External and internal erosive forces and corrosive substances can lead to pitting and thin-wall defects If not addressed soon enough, they are likely to go and become through […]

Centrifugal Pump Restoration with Belzona 1111 and 1381

We work with heavy industrial customers throughout the States, quite varied and broad A lot of the problems that we deal with, they’re never, ever the same So that allows the entire company to come up with very unique solutions to the very unique problems our customers have And we really get to apply Belzona […]

Belzona “Solve it Session” – The Water and Wastewater Industries

Good afternoon everyone and thank you for joining us today for this solve it session webinar on the water and wastewater industries. My name is Rachel joining you today from Belzona’s marketing department I’m James joining you from Belzona’s engineering department. And in today’s webinar we’ll be looking at some of the common problems which […]

How to Attach a Ladder to a Tank Without Welding

In this video, we will show you how to bond a structure such as a ladder or cell-phone antenna to the side of a tank Surface preparation was done using a grit blaster We made sure blasting was done correctly by checking the profile with the replica tape Next, we clean all of the blasted […]

Underwater Sealing of a Pipe Live Leak with Belzona 1212

Stopping a live leak is fast and easy with Belzona 1212. In the next two minutes we’ll show you how to carry out this repair. First clean the area to shear away any rust or debris from the pipe and ensure it is prepped far out enough for the bypass plate to cover. Next get […]

How to Stop and Repair a Tank Live Leak

In this video, we will be demonstrating how to repair a live leak on a tank We use Belzona 9611 to stop the leak and Belzona 1161 to bond the plate to the tank Surface preparation was done using a file Next, the surface was cleaned to remove any dirt, grease and other contaminants After […]

Belzona 1212 – Rapid Curing Technology for Leak Sealing

Belzona 1212 is the latest in rapid cure and adhesive technology for your leak repair and sealing needs It is easy to use with a one-to-one volume mix ratio And it can be applied with regular tools and minimal training Once prepared, Belzona 1212 is incredibly surface tolerant giving it the ability to bond with […]

How to Repair a Shaft Using Forming Techniques

In this video, we’ll be demonstrating how to rebuild a damaged shaft using forming techniques For this repair we used Belzona 1111 in a metal former manufactured with an outside diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the shaft First, we cleaned the damaged area of the shaft We undercut the repair area and roughened […]

How to Bond Metal Brackets to a Metal Tank Without Welding

In this video, we’ll be demonstrating the pros of cold bonding versus welding We attached two brackets to a tank One was attached to the tank via welding and the other via cold bonding Before we began, we marked out the perimeter of the brackets For the welded bracket we prepared the surface area outside […]

How to Repair a Weld Seam Without Welding

In this video, we will be demonstrating how to repair a weld seam with plate bonding by injection For this repair, we use Belzona 1161 to bond the plate and Belzona 5831 to repair the weld seam by injection First we prepare the surface using a power tool Then we clean the repair area to […]