KT Tape: SI Joint Pain

this taping is for the Sacroiliac Joint or commonly known as the SI joint. That is where the Sacro meets the two halves of the Pelvis, usually about where the dimples are on the back. this is a common problem for a women, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy. It’s also common just as […]


Hello and welcome to the nitty-gritty. Today we’re gonna be talking about how to resize a GRIP6 belt. So you received your GRIP6 belt in the mail and for whatever reason It’s a little bit too long. I’m gonna show you real quick how to trim your belt. The first thing you want to establish […]

KT Tape: SI Joint

I’m Chris Harper and with me today is Melissa and we’re going to demonstrate how to tape for sacroiliac joint or SI joint pain. SI joint pain can be caused by the hips being out of alignment, third trimester of pregnancy, childbirth poor posture, sitting for long periods of time. How KT Tape can help […]

How to Use the BRECOflex Field Welder

Hi My name is Sarath Jaladi and I’m here with the BRECOflex applications engineering department. Today I’ll be talking to you guys about the BRECOflex fields welding system.Tthe advantage of this product is that you can create a welded joint in the field that is equally as strong as a factory welded belt. In the […]

Brooklyn John from Strapworks.com Teaches You How to Make a Military Buckle Webbing Belt

Greetings and salutations. Welcome back to the Fortress of Solitude, high atop the Strapworks.com global industrial plaza in scenic Eugene, Oregon. It’s a pleasure, as always, to have you with us for another one of these Strapworks channel videos on YouTube. Today’s topic: Military buckles, such as this one. This is our nickel-plated, 1 1/2-inch […]

Make Your Own Sanding Belt

The first thing to do is to find the correct measures so, I picked the sanding belt that came with my sander and wrote down the length needed, taking into account the part that overlaps. The ends are cut to 15 degrees at a specific direction. You need to check out the way the belt […]