Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Today, Trailer Trash Tammy is going to teach ME how to do ASMR! For this collab, I thought I’d bring a fancier beer… I think PBR happens to be Tammy’s favorite LET’S EAT!! First Chcocolate Wrench is all yours! THESE BEER BOTTLES ARE MADE OF EDIBLE SUGAR GLASS. PLEASE DO […]

2L Stainless Steel Ice Bucket | Maison & White

2L Stainless Steel Ice Bucket from Maison & White. Includes stainless steel ice tongs Suitable for both beer & wine Insulated lid & easy carry handle All our products come with a 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Simply register for your free second year at

Custom Metal Coasters – Brushed Stainless Steel | My Metal Business Card

Hey everybody, this is Charles from Today, we’re excited to announce an all-new item to our lineup of stainless steel products: 1mm thick stainless steel coasters! The perfect accessory for an office, or even an everyday gift. All coasters are made to order. It includes surface etching or screen printing, and a durable foam […]

CYBORG überraschen dänische Metal-Szene!

*bleagh* Hello! Hello!! Well… we are currently on our way to Aalborg. Awesome! Becaue “Aalborg Rock & Metal” are over there celebrating there 2nd birthday. – Exactly, and we are planning a devious surprising visit. Because of that we organized an overnight accommodation. We hope she doesn’t give us away. So we catch these nice […]

How to Find and Fix a Leak in a Regulator

How to find a leak in a regulator Hey everybody, this is Anthony at the Beverage Factory. We’re here today to find a leak in your CO2 system. What we’re looking at today is a Kegco premium dual product, dual gauge regulator hooked up to our standard 5 pound CO2 tank. And all that […]

Jack of all Trades, China has None!

Sasha: Welcome to another Video Winston: Well, Hey there guys and welcome to Oklahoma City I’m here staying with a Patron and Subscriber Who I will be introducing to you in a very short time and today I’m talking about well, Jack of all Trades Basically, being able to do stuff. And this is something […]