Megamaster 2 Burner Propane Gas Table Top Grill in Stainless Steel (820-0033M) Fab Video

Introducing the Megamaster Two Burner Propane Gas Tabletop Grill. The portable gas grill that loves adventuring more than you do. Forged from stainless steel for added durability for a life on the road. Inside you’ll find 199 square inches of cooking space. Below that are two stainless steel burners controlled independently with an easy press […]

The BIG Barbecue Build – Building a Barrel Barbecue the Norton Way

Paul: Hey here’s your coffee mate. Randy: Thanks mate. Randy: What’s this tank doing here? Paul: Well… this weekend is going to be nice and sunny so why don’t we build ourselves a barbecue. Randy: That’s a good idea. Paul: Yeah, so we’ve got this big old air tank, we’ve got loads of angle iron […]

Shipping Container Explodes, Injuring Worker

A full tank of propane can generate the same explosive force as over a hundred kilograms of TNT. Stored inside a shipping container, this tank became a bomb. Workers at a construction site used this barbecue during their morning break. Afterwards, the burner valves were turned off. In the afternoon the barbecue, with its tank […]