The EASY way to unlock the Battlefield Hardline .300 KNOCKOUT

Hi guys FOG of GAMING here and today we are going to show you the easy way to unlock the .300 Knockout. This is an ultimate guide and we will explain you everything. We will show you how you can get 4 camera coins per round, and we will give you some tips how you […]

BF4 – How to Shoot Down Helicopters and Jets

Hey guys Level WHO here. Today I will do my best to show you how to shoot down aircraft with a tank. There are some tips I will cover in another video about angling and positioning But what I wanted to do was talk about how to use the tank’s cross-hair to line up your […]

Against the Grain: Knifing – Battlefield 4

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Against the Grain, a series where I play strategies and tactics I normally avoid in Battlefield 4. Today’s challenge is getting knife kills. Knifing is something I usually avoid. And with good reason. For the most part, knifing is an exercise in frustration. As I work against the grain […]

The Crew Plays BF3

Reactor: Online, Sensors: Online, Weapons: Online, All Systems: nominal Suprindur: Yeah! Ha hoo! Fuck yeah! There goes another one! Woo! Suprindur: Attack chooper is attacking me at Echo Suprindur: Ohh! Suck it down! Explorerzip: Ohh! Cashflo: Nom Nom Nom Suprindur: OM NOM NOM! Explorerzip: Ohh! Got him! Suprindur: Nice, I saw it, recorded it too […]

Metal detecting – “Opening a mysterious box” (Eastern Front)

Öffnen einer mysteriösen Kiste, Ostfront Dies wird das erste Mal sein, dass wir an der Ostfront Metall nachweisen. Erstes Signal der Reise. Diese kleine Runde enthüllt einen russischen Stern. Es handelt sich um russische Tokarev-Runden im Format 7,62 x 25 mm. Abgefeuert von der Tokarev TT-33 Pistole. Auch von der PPSh-41. Und zum Beispiel das […]

Equipment Rentals, Construction Tools & Supplies

Are you planning a renovation, landscaping or construction project? Battlefield Equipment Rentals can supply just about anything you need to get the job done. From rental equipment, construction supplies and tools to safety equipment, no one understands your project requirements better than we do. Call Battlefield Equipment Rentals at 1-800-RENT-CAT to get what you need, […]