Making Battlefield a Skill-Based Game – Battlefield 4

Since I’m still working on adapting to my new sensitivity—3200dpi at 3% in-game from 5000dpi at 7%, and my aim is still off everywhere, I’ve instead asked Hockey to provide some for me. If you enjoy this boat footage, I’d recommend looking at his channel, which will be linked in the description This video is […]

Battlefield Hardline Levolutions – Destruction!

Hardline just came out… So in this video, I’m going to show you a little of the destruction that’s all around the maps! So hold on to your panties… Let’s do this! Brought to you by . .. OHHH YEEEAAAAA!! Choo Choo Mother Fucker! Let’s see what these buttons do… Oh, that’s not good. […]

SR25 ECC Review (Gameplay) Best Gun Setup | Battlefield Hardline Weapon Guide (SR-25) (BFH)

Hey hows it going guys, Kris here and in this battlefield hardline weapon guide Ill be going over the SR-25 ECC in quite a lot of detail. its a semi-automatic sniper rifle so it only fires one shot at a time and being a sniper, youl only be able to use it on a professional […]

An (Almost) Comprehensive Attack Helicopter Guide – Battlefield 4

In this video, I will discuss the optimum loadout for the attack helicopter—yes, there is only one, general principles of engagement, and will provide a brief guide on how to engage every threat you will encounter, with a specific focus on the MAA, because people still seem to have trouble with it. I’ll not spend […]

BF4 – How to Shoot Down Helicopters and Jets

Hey guys Level WHO here. Today I will do my best to show you how to shoot down aircraft with a tank. There are some tips I will cover in another video about angling and positioning But what I wanted to do was talk about how to use the tank’s cross-hair to line up your […]

Battlefield Hardline Robbery, Getaway and Betrayal DLC Wishlist and Predictions (BFH)

Hey, hows it hangin guys, kris here, and im just gonna talk a bit about battlefield hardlines upcoming dlcs, now pretty much all of the stuff im gonna go on about in this video is mainly speculation, possible ideas and well, things id like to see. Non of the stuff here has actually been announced […]

HCAR Review (Gameplay) Best Gun Setup | Battlefield Hardline Weapon Guide (BFH)

Hey whats going on guys, Kris here, and in this Battlefield Hardline weapon guide, Ill be going over the HCAR battle rifle, only the cops can use the gun without a weapon license, and youl also have to play as an enforcer. The weapon costs $37,200 so its not cheap, and youl probably have to […]