Lec 10: Batteries and EMF | 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002 (Walter Lewin)

We have often talked about power supplies, which are devices which maintain a constant potential difference. Here, we have such a power supply, potential difference V, this be the plus side, and this be the minus side. I’m going to connect this, I have a resistor here, R, and as a result of this, current […]

Generate Electricity From Vinegar At Home – Cool Science Experiment

Hi , in this video I’m gonna do a really cool science experiment so I gotta make an Ice Tray battery at home and you need a few materials that you can usually find from around the house are you ready? if you are, so let’s do it Here is what you need: White or […]

How to make Battery Cables For Auto, Marine & Solar

Alright, today on Repairs101 I�m going to show you how to make battery cables for your boat, car, truck, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, lawn mower, generator or hovercraft (or solar collector). I find a lot of people are prepared to blame their battery when their machines won�t start but often it�s just another symptom of a […]