Gravity – Round Cast Iron Base for M20 Poles

Hi and welcome to the Adam Hall Group Studios. I’d like to show you this very elegant and useful speaker stand from Gravity. The special thing about this is, of course, its base. Most regular speaker stands have a tripod type of base which is perfect. It’s very stable and it’s very safe but sometimes […]

How To Prep Your Car for Paint with Kevin Tetz at Eastwood

properly cleaning the panel’s before you move to the painting process is critical to the success of your paint project and since there’s more than one type of contamination you should use more than one type of cleaner for the panel’s such as pre-painting prep isopropyl alcohol even a glass cleaner check out how we […]

Soldering vs. Brazing vs. Welding | Soldering

So soldering is useful for electronics and joining copper metal. And it’s a process wherein the base metal stays solid and doesn’t melt. The solder itself melts, but the copper stays solid. In that way it’s very, very similar to brazing, which is another technique in that the base metal also stays solid. Now, brazing […]

1$ BOX FORT CAR Vs $180,000 CAR!! 📦🚗You Won’t Believe Who Won!

this is my dream car and today that dream is coming true big thanks to you guys obviously this dream would never come true if it wasn’t thanks to you guys and we’re getting this car for the Papa Jake family with me and we are back with a brand new video and today guys […]

Table Base Leveler –

When steadiness is a necessity, this 1″ tall table base leveler, with 5/8″ diameter base features a ¼” thick, 20-thread screw that is ready to be inserted snugly into table legs and other furniture for immediate and automatic leveling. Comes 1000 per bag.


I think we should make a rocket-powered slap. All right, who else wants to make 50 bucks you slap with rocket? James: There’s the money shot. Riley: Look at all those rockets! This video is sponsored by War Dragons download for free on your mobile device. What, you’re about to see is incredibly dangerous and […]