Melt Mallow – ‘ Mirror ‘ (Official MV)

It’s cold enough to break my wings. How can I stand? Oh, How can I sing? The world is turn down on my side. I see that you are also blue. I used to think everyone is too. So, I locked up and hide away. Silence, I can hear your heart broken. Judgement, I can […]

FUSE 2018 | CRESCENT HALL XVII 17 | Crescendo

Expert Mode – Through the Fire and Flames – Joe Penna

Melting Woes – Keep for Cheap

breathe you in, breathe you out so far away I’ll have to shout I don’t know what’s on my mind dig deep inside, the lights blew out but always, it’s only you my mind is glued to the feeling of when you loved me in the mirror I see her the daunting mask gets a […]

Metal Gear Solid 5 Red Band Trailer (E3 2013 )

We pull in money, recruits Just to combat cipher Rubbing our noses in bloody battlefield of dirt All for revenge Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night I can feel my leg and my arm even my fingers The body i’ve lost The comrades i’ve lost Won’t stop hurting It’s like they’re […]

Metal Music Midwest promos for January 2018

Hello everyone, very excited to be here I’m going to tell you about some of the promos that I have just gotten to the metal music Midewest site all right let’s kick things off with the band Commander form Munich will released their new album be a black sunset it will feature nine songs okay […]

331EROCK & PELLEK – TAKE ON ME (Metal Cover)

whooooooaaaaaa!!! we’re talking away i dont know what im to say i ‘ll say it anyway Today’s another day to find you Shying away I’ll be coming for your love, okay? Take on me take me on i’ll be gone In a day or two So needless to say i’m idds and ends that its […]

Si Lemhaf – AY AY AY (Official Music Video)