Homemade tube notcher I * SUBTITLES * DRILL HACK #1

Hey! I am Patryk, and in today’s episode I will show you how… I easily prepare pipes for welding, so that they are fit togeher in 100% and so? Are you fed up with preparing pipes for welding? arduous grinding drives you crazy and the wasted time makes you dizzy? This is the right place! […]

Improved welding grounding connector

Hi! My name is Tuomas Soikkeli This is another video to my “Wasted videos collection” Today is will introduce… this! Which is.. Another kind of welding machine grounding connector. Yes.. it has a magnet.. Ok.. now you think that this one is allready seen before.. But it has this little trick Makes it little more […]

Top 10 Surprising Things NASA Helped Invent — TopTenzNet

Top 10 Surprising Things NASA Helped Invent 10. Sunglasses It seems hard to believe that something as big a fashion statement as sunglasses could have NASA scientists behind it, but there’s a very logical reason for this. Many workers at NASA are frequently exposed to damaging light, which would severely affect their vision in the […]