What a bad CV joint sounds like

I’m going to show you what it sounds like when you have a bad CV joint. He’s turning and accelerating at the same time.

FUSE PEEKER Super Sensitive Probe

Fuse-Peeker and Signal Conditioner Probe… The Signal Conditioner Amplifier, is a protection and signal filtering oscilloscope add-on, meant to add redundancy to your electronic equipment. The Fuse-Peeker, is a Super-Sensitive Current Probe, that’s used as a fuse substitute. In other words, you remove the circuit fuse from the panel, and connect the Fuse-Peeker Probe. At […]

Connecting the Fuse Peeker

Automotive Fuse Peeker Unpacking… The Fuse Peeker is a dynamic current probe, for your car’s fuse panel diagnostic. Following, we will see the contents of the automotive fuse peeker set, as you’ll receive when you purchase it. The fuse peeker is composed of the following… The Fuse Peeker box, which has all the current sensing […]

Loughborough central to car fuel cell vision

Fuel cell is a electrochemical device that generates electricity from the consuming of hydrogen and the water is the only by-product so it has zero emission at the point of use. Fuel cell vehicle development has been prioritised by Chinese government. Currently there are 2,000 fuel cell vehicles on road and the vision is to […]

MHS Welding Class Satisfies Students’ Burning Desire to Learn

So when I took this class, I wanted to start another, learn a new thing. And so it’s pretty fun. You get to do things that you’ve never done before. We have six welding booths here so every student can get behind a welder and, what we call, burn wire or burn rods, and getting […]

Small Classes. Big Jobs.

Just like you, we’re ready to get to work. With more than 15 programs to choose from, we’re giving you the hands-on training needed for high demand jobs. Not sure if you want a four-year degree? No problem. Complete your certificate or associate program in one or two years and earn up to $40 an […]