Painting Method Like a Flame with Candy Painting / Custom Paint and Airbrush

Painting method like a flame with candy painting Use orange Candy red Use yellow Candy tangerine Use white Candy yellow Pale candy tangerine Top coat clear (1st layer) Fine gold flakes together Top coat clear (2nd layer)

Ford Focus MK3 cabin fuses location (fusebox, BCM module)

In Ford Focus MK3 cabin fuses are located on the passengers side. Open the door and find two plastic locks that hold textile cover. Pull those locks. After removing textile cover you’ll see GEM module with fuses.

How to: Car Repair : How to Replace the Inner Panel of a Wrecked Car

What we’re doing on this vehicle, we’re replacing this front frame rail section. Here’s the new part right here and what’s most important is that we drill out the factory welds and replace this part exactly at the same seams where it was in at the factory. What you don’t want to do in this […]

How to: Car Repair : How Car Panels are Replaced

Here we have Jose welding a quarter panel onto this Civic. As you can see he has taken the new panel, he’s placed it against the body and he is locking it in place with these clamps. He’s in the process of replacing welds at every factory seam point as we talked about before. It’s […]

BMW E60 E61 cabin fuses and OBD2 port (5-series, maintenance, diagnostics)

OBD2 port in BMW 5-series (Models E60 and E61) is located on the drivers side. Open the door and look for small cover at the bottom that you need to open. Behind it you’ll find OBD2 port. Fuses are located behind glovebox. Open the glovebox and turn two locks on both sides, then open plastic […]

Basic English Wheel Technique, Lazze Metal Shaping

Hi I’m Lazze and I’m teaching people in metal shaping and you have met me before on YouTube and on my website probably. On this video I going to show you for free what, what we have on the DVD that we sell. This will give you a very important preview of how to use […]

Lazze Metal Shaping: Tricks Using Magnets to Make Working Easier

So when we building a car body we using something that is very unique, actually and we using very strong magnets. And because when we make the left side and then we make the right side of the cowl, and then we make the door but then we going to put the pieces together; how […]

TIG 200 DC Welder from Eastwood. TIG Weld Steel

Eastwood Presents, the TIG200 DC Welder running on 110 or 220 volt outlets, the TIG200 DC offers adjustable amperage from 10 to 200 amps welding steel and stainless up to 3/16 of an inch thick the high frequency mosfet inverter delivers precise arc starting and superior puddle and penetration control Operate the TIG200 DC with […]

Lazze Metal Shaping: Keeping Flat Materials Flat in the Bead Roller PART 2

Hi I’m Lazze and I’m back here with this floor pan and it’s going to be part two for this video. And you see how this panel came out for on the first video we made and it’s curved this way and many times it’s get really oilcan and it’s really hard that weld it […]