Fix Ball Joint(MOOG) to Lower Control Arm – Nissan press-fit Screw Type. Part 10/10

in this video we’re going to take a time out to replace the lower ball joint for the left side double wishbone independent suspension so we are finished with replacing the stabilizer link and the stabilizer bar support mouth so this will not cause any issue with the suspension before with the broken stabilizer link […]

Mesa Auto Body Repair By Excel Collision

Excel Collision and Glass Centers in Mesa Arizona is among 15% of American car body shops able to offer quality and factory approved collision repairs. Since technicians of certified shops have to complete training which is not only intense but also expensive, many car body shops in Mesa, find themselves unable to pay for the […]

Understanding Universal Joint

Universal Joints are commonly used to transfer mechanical power between two shafts when their axes are at an angle to each other their invention dates back many centuries Even though the universal joints mechanism seems simple the physics behind this mechanism are rather complicated and interesting The universal Joint has three basic parts, two yolks […]

Soldadura MIG MAG en el automóvil Parte 2

Hola en este video vamos a continuar conociendo los ajustes básicos en un equipo de soldadura mig mag actualmente existen unos equipos denominados sinérgicos que además de permitirnos seleccionar los ajustes de forma manual nos ofrecen la posibilidad de introduciendo ciertos valores como pueden ser el espesor de la chapa el tipo de material del […]

2007-2011 Dodge Nitro Flowmaster Force II Cat-back Stainless Steel Exhaust System 817582 Kit

Flowmaster, the industry leader in exhaust technology, introduces the new Force II System for the 2007 through 2011 Dodge Nitro with 3.7 or 4 liter V-6 engines. This Cat-back Single System features two and a half inch mandrel bent tubing, a Super 50 series muffler and a three inch diameter, stainless steel tip. As a […]

Restore an oxidized paint job on a truck

you want to know how you can fix your tired paint job for 50 bucks stick around I’m gonna show you on this Tacoma right here and today we deal with some oxidize piant Toyota Tacoma and so what we are gonna do is look at the truck. The owner of this truck is trying […]

DIY Wood Stove made from Car Wheels! Easy Welding Project! Bacon! CATS!

Hi everyone Its Bongo here from thepoultrypeople channel. What are we making today? Ive got a message on facebook from well i got tagged by Vic in a post from Ian Beeston who shared Rio’s picture Rio Noticas he made a woodburner out of a couple of hubs so thats what we are going to […]

How To MIG Weld: MIG Welding Basics Demo Part 2 – Eastwood

quicker flow situation i was going really slow and kind of whipping the tour package . a jury just probably depending on how the movement gotta move back and forth you can do much more to remain you need to move a lot quicker than i am trying to well something that’s the intermediate a […]