How to Mail Merge and Create Custom Google Docs from Smartsheet Data

If you’ve ever needed to create hundreds of documents from Google Docs including invoices, form letters, or envelopes, now you can with Smartsheet Merge for Google Docs You can use Smartsheet to track customer names, addresses and order status and automatically merge information into your Google Doc template to create hundreds of documents instantly. It’s […]


Start your day with exercise. This increases concentration and contributes to your general well-being. Set up your work environment for maximum efficiency. No matter what you wake up to, try to stay in a positive mindset. Advising small businesses in this economic climate can be hard… emotionally but it’s your job to make the best […]

These Engineers Want to 3D Print an Entire Rocket in 60 Days

Stargate is the world’s largest metal 3D printer entirely built and designed in-house. The core of it includes three robot arms — one of which is doing printing — and the other two are doing post post-processing. This is a six degree of freedom industrial robot arm so it can move anywhere within about a […]

SMARTElectrode – How to redefine operation origin?

Hello! Today I will show you how to redefine the zero-point in SMARTElectrode interactively. This enhancement is available from Version The burnsheet shows all chosen parameters including their position. If the zero-point shall be changed, this can be done in the operation definition user interface or in Creo Parametric directly. The new coordinate system […]

SMARTElectrode – How to use burnsheet notification?

Hello, I want to show you one of the improvements in SMARTElectrode 12. In the new release, we further improved the display and processing of notifications. These can be analyzed more closely in the burnsheet user interface and corrected if necessary. The software differentiates between errors, warnings and information. In most cases, information describes the […]

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Miller Auto-Continuum Improves Quality in Welding Automation

Hi I’m John. Miller’s most advanced industrial welding solution, Continuum™ for semi-auto applications and Auto-Continuum™ for automation, come in 350 and 500 amp models, both at 100 percent duty cycle. The Auto-Continuum provides 26% more weld power in the 350 amp model than the competition, which equates to greater reliability in automation applications. It easily […]

Medical Robotics – Interview with KUKA at MEDICA 2017

Within the industry robotics are no longer replaceable. In the field of medicine, they’re playing a role but it’s ever-growing. I’m speaking to Micheal Otto. He’s the vice president of Robotics and the Medical Division of KUKA, a company who’s known for a long time as being a key player in robotics. Michael, please tell […]

Dual Positioner Robot Welding Workcell

This workcell created by RobotWorx is an example of one of our customizable welding cells. The dual axis positioners in this cell have both tilt and rotate functions, allowing the robot to take welds in proper welding orientation at all times. Parts with complex angles or that require continuous welding; can easily be welded in […]