Modified Austenitic Stainless Steel 18/8 Scheil Solidification Simulation

This video will show you how to calculate a Scheil Solidification Simulation based on the austenitic stainless steel 18/8. You can follow along with this example by downloading the free demo version of Thermo-Calc software. Simply click the link currently on the screen or visit our website, then come back to this video once you […]

What is Stainless Steel and Different Types of SS – Piping Training Video-3

After carbon steel, SS is most widely used material in Process industries because of its excellent corrosion resistance property. • Stainless steel is a steel with a minimum chromium content of 10.5 % or more, and a maximum carbon content of less than 1.20% • Stainless steel has excellent resistant to corrosion and good ductility […]

Is Stainless Steel Magnetic? | Fasteners 101

Welcome back to Albany County Fasteners – Fasteners 101 The question of the day: “Is stainless steel magnetic?” Let’s get started. So I have here some nuts, a lock washer, dowel pin, a hex cap screw or tap bolt all of these items here are 316 stainless and you may be able to see that. […]