How To Have A Cool Career- Become A Welder! Train At Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center

come on admit it welding looks pretty cool working with your hands melting metal getting the work in motorsports auto customization shipyards heavy industry this is something you could see yourself doing so do something about it go to Tulsa Welding School and Technology Center and get trained for a welding career in just seven […]

David’s Experience with TWS Graduates at Ingalls Shipbuilding – TWS Employer Testimonials

TWS prepares their students in a way that the industry works every day meaning the employees must be at work every day they must be dedicated to doing the job right and a good job doing right every time so you don’t have rework and the staff of TWS instills that their students and when […]

Day in the Life of a Tulsa Welding School Graduate: Ryan C. How To Make Good Money In A Career

I chose Tulsa Welding School because it was only seven months for a quality education you get at Tulsa Welding School they set you up for solid standing staff helped me out a lot when I first graduated put me where my career was demanded at if you work hard at it is very rewarding […]

Start Welding in Houston – Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center

welders in demand in the Houston Area so if you want to break into this rewarding good paying field listen up the nation’s top welding City now has the nation’s largest welding school get hands-on training at Tulsa welding school and Technology Center and learn your trade in just seven months TWS has been training […]

How To Build A Racecar- Skilled Welders- Tulsa Welding School Tulsa Training

when you see a race car you’re looking at over 950 hours of welding and fabricating the time put into a job like that can lead to a good paycheck on average welders make over $40,000 a year this is something you can do you can learn to weld and just seven months at Tulsa […]

How to Get Hands On Welding Experience – Enroll in TWS!

I didn’t look at any other schools at all I just came straight to Tulsa Welding School and that was it I worked two years out in the field before came here just trying to learn it pick it up and understand it I learned more here in 7 months than I did two years […]

How to Solve the Shortage of Skilled Tradesmen – Mike Rowe Works TWS Jacksonville

here’s something to think about unemployment rates for college graduates are at an all-time high meanwhile there’s a shortage of skilled tradesmen electricians welders carpenters you know people that actually build things that means there’s real opportunity right now for anybody willing to take the time to learn a skill or master a trade parents […]

How To Have A Good Career- Be A Well Trained Welder from Tulsa Welding School Tulsa OK

there’s a lot of good tradecareers out there but not many measure up with being a welder for one welders make good money on average over forty thousand dollars a year that’s 10,000 more than what a construction worker makes and secondly welders get to do this this is something you can do and you […]

How To Jump Start Your Career- Tulsa Welding School Jacksonville & BAE Systems Partnership

here BAE Systems we have had great need for shipbuilders welders we have so many projects going on that I don’t see it slowing down for very long time easily over 2 to 300 more employees here we’ve had 70 new hires just this year alone and the majority are thanks to Tulsa Welding School […]

How To Weld Anywhere In the Country – Enroll at TWS Today!

where do Tulsa welding school graduates come from everywhere because they know welding is a career they can take them anywhere work on race cars motorcycles or even big ships with seven months of training wherever you want to go there could be a job waiting for you wherever you want to go there will […]