DIY CNC Machine on Certiflat Welding Table Part 8: First Cuts running G Code Mach 3

Well there you have it, it’ll cut I I Spared you guys some of the Final assembly of this stuff, it was all pretty simple same theory on the z-axis servo motor drilled and tapped four holes into this Z-axis plate about this CNC router parts spindle mount I wanted to get it running so […]

SMErobotics project video

Automation using robots is key to improving the competitiveness of Europe’s manufacturing industries. Especially SMEs – small and medium-sized enterpises with small production runs – need flexible yet reliable systems with which to increase productivity with no compromises on quality. We need robots that are easy and intuitive to teach. A robot that understands what […]


Hi I’m Old Sneelock. Welcome to another episode of Old Sneelock’s Workshop Now out to the welding shop. Continuing on with our series of tools to make tools. Do you remember me putting the plug And checking out the operation on the MIG welder? Well the MIG welder makes it so I can weld this […]

Orion MPulse Welder

Introducing the newest member of the Orion pulse arc welder family. The Orion mpulse 30 with five to 30 watt seconds power potential. This welder is ideal for quick small wells on a light duty cycle. The system works well with gold silver and many other metals. Featuring 11 different power settings it’s a superior […]

AvE Shop Ruler Assembly and Review

If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy! Aha! I think this is my ruler! Sealed in a mayonnaise jar underneath Funk and Wagnall’s front porch for the past 24 hours This is the ruler! Aha! It’s here! “Hello and thank you for picking up a ruler here’s a […]