Melting all my Crayola crayons together

Echo: Should I introduce you Tom: Oh 100% Yeah echo: ok cool, hello hello its echo just in case you’re new here Echo: and this is Tom father of AsDFmovie and the muffin time song. Ttom: Hello, I’m Tom I Ttom: Yeah, that’s me yeah Echo: how do we even want to explain what we’re […]

[MV] Cho A(초아) (AOA) _ Flame(불꽃)

The pain that starts when I open my eyes My cold heart whenever I think of you Previous break-ups were not real break-ups I learn what real break-up is because of u Everything with you in my room is the movie story You are my lover in the movie I don’t want to see the […]

Miguel Speaks On Goals | Big Boy x Fuse

You get into the music business, you know what I’m saying? There’s the business side that’s like ehh. But you enjoy creating the music. How crazy is it now that you’re Miguel and you, you know what I’m saying? People know your material, you got a catalog, you continue to work. What does that feel […]

Jakub Čech – Growth of 3D Artist – MERGE 2018 Full Talk – Beginners Archviz – SK/ENG

So for the next speaker I would love to introduce is my friend Jakub Cech. Some time ago we made one week long rendering session. I asked Jakub what he was doing next week and he replied not much, come over to Slovakia. So I took my computer and we were making pictures just for […]

Simple architect practice- COMBINE THE SHAPES

Hello. I am very glad that you find me This short video will reveal to you that there is infinite amount of combinations of shapes One simple practice will obligate you to start to think not just copy of a particular for building. When we get an object, which looks unusual we just combine our […]

How to Merge Layers with a pinch in Procreate

In this video we’ll look at how to merge two or more layers using a simple pinch gesture. Opening the Layers menu, we can scroll up to see that the elements of the main character have spread across multiple layers. We can merge all of the foreground layers that make up the character by pinching […]

Passager Presents: Sarah Yerkes, author of “Days of Blue and Flame”

Nobody was sort of encouraging me and when I went to Miss Hall’s school in Pittsfield Mass—Miss Hall was still alive—and it was a very soul-searching, uplifting, work hard, be good, do wonderful things, but nobody was patting you on the back when you needed it. We got married in the June of ’41 and […]

Combining two different animals to make a new animal (again)

OHMYGOD! What’s this? It’s… Uh… …Combining animals! Again… Number 2… It’s like… That one sequel… That nobody asked for and… Where they- (BLEEP) Uhm… Anyway, so… I’m drawing with… Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 And… a…uh… Wacom Intuos… Uh, like… It’s called like “Pen” or something, I don’t remember… I’ll put it on the screen So […]

SCRAP ART QATAR | First Scrap Art Exhibition opens at Souq Waqif | MALAYALAM VLOG QATAR

[Music] hi friends a poll number a foodie I really like Al our coop so Agata alby’s oportunidad callosity gorilla a room and regalo the panic room eyeing a locket an opinion Ningaloo me the kana EVDO new bar where a tea carnival almost keep pea the move and ghana EMU room video can kinda […]

Mindset for Creating the Best Work, Decorative Metal Gate, Welding Copper[Looking Into The Light 63]

Hi, this is Jay Stargaard international artist and owner of Stargaard Art where you are about to the two thirds end of creating this gate and butterfly and vegetation across the bottom of it and it’s going really lovely we’re working with mild steel bronze copper, stone and patinas so that’s gonna be really really […]