Metal Shaping with Lazze: Rolling a Bead with a Wire Edge

Hi I’m Lazze and I’m teaching people in metal shaping. And I’m here back again now on YouTube with tips and tricks. And on this little video I going to show you how to make this wire edge where we put the wire in and the bead. And this was a question that I had […]

Sylatech: Casting metal parts from 3D prints

The advantage of using 3D printing is that the customer has the part in metal within a few days My name is Gordon Gunn I’m the director of marketing at Sylatech which is a design and manufacturing business with a heritage of 54 years in the design and manufacture of precision metal components Sylatech has […]


Hi guys! Today I’ve found a whole box of wax crayons at home! I think it’s time to use them for some awesome useful ideas! For example, to make a pendant with your own hands! If you like jewelry made by yourself, give a thumbs up! Let’s go! First, we need to grate a crayon […]

Herndon & Merry Iron Works | Tennessee Crossroads

(smooth jazzy music) – Thanks a lot, Ed. Well, next up a made in Tennessee story about a family dedicated to making decorative metalworks. Award-winning pieces that have made Middle Tennessee a little prettier and a lot safer. In fact, this is the story of how old-time craftsmanship and new technology helped this company forge […]

Welding Yard Art : Necessary Materials for Making & Welding Yard Art

Hi my name is Danny Ramirez and on behalf of Expert Village, I will be welding yard art. Now we are going to talk about materials that you can use. Some of the materials that you can use is pretty much anything you find in the yard or around anywhere that is metal. Basically, you […]

Copper Foiling Tools for Stained Glass : Size of Soldering Iron Tips

Hi, we’re talking on copper foiling today and we’re talking about our soldering iron. Specifically, right now I’d like to touch on the different sizes of tips that you can use, because there are different tips for different projects. For copper foiling you would use probably a smaller iron that you would for your big […]

Alcohol Ink Art on Tile = DIY Clock?

Hey guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn. Today we’re playing with alcohol in the shop. No, not like that… No… not like that!! *panic* Ooh, it’s melting! AHH! Our table’s on fire! Actually, we’re going to be doing alcohol water colors on these tiles and turning them into clocks. This video is brought to you by […]

Armets savoyards – Complément d’objet

Des expressions variées. Des yeux en amandes ou arrondis. Des bouches réduites à de simples rectangles. Ou des nez bien marqués. Ces casques sont de véritables masques. En effet, la partie protégeant le visage évoque plus ou moins un visage humain. Ces casques ont été baptisés “armets savoyards”. Le terme armet désigne un casque fermé. […]

How to Make Wire Sculptures : How to Use a Welding Torch for Wire Sculptures

I’m Mark Kooy here with Expert Village and we are going to be talking about wire sculpture and braising techniques and tools. The next thing that we will do with setting up our torch is that the head of the torch or the tip should be only hand tightened but it needs to be tight. […]