【Metal Slug Attack】MIDORI for Liberty

🛡METAL SLUG ATTACK🛡 Menu~~~ Laboratory MIDORI for Liberty! Skill and level! Let’s Practice! Ptolemaic Army Midori : Retreat! *Sike!* Midori : I’m just kidding, Revenge! Midori : Ptolemaic Army must Destroy! Midori : Pow! Pow! Pow! Midori : Ahhh!!!!!! I Get you Next TIME! Midori : Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Midori : Get Away for […]

【Metal Slug Attack】Laboratory : RAMAL

🛡METAL SLUG ATTACK🛡 Let’s Get Starting! Menu~~~ Laboratory Let’s see kamal skill and level! Her Name is “kamal”. Let’s Practice! Rebel Army Already??? Wow… Mummy Revenge!!! Mummy Warrior 😱 Ramal : BEGONE! Ok, Next Stage! Space Army (Martian) Mars!!! Arsinoe, No!!! No,no,no!!! That was close…. Next Stage! Next Stage (Space Army Again) Space Army (Martian) […]

Mystery Boxes found on the bottom of a WW2 Lake

(splashing water) Oh, the wooden handle is still there. Let’s see if you can get it to the side. (suspenseful rhythmic music) Looks like it’s opened. It’s a brand new day. We decided to return to the lake that previously resulted in finding some interesting pieces of WWII history. And we’re really curious if there […]

Heavy Metal in Baghdad Trailer

SUROOSH ALVI: We’re in Baghdad. We’re here to interview the only Iraqi heavy metal band called Acrassicauda. We’ve been following them for three years. This is risky, it’s dangerous, people would say it’s really fucking stupid for us to be doing this. But heavy metal rules. MALE SPEAKER 1: Rock stars, yeah. MALE SPEAKER 2: […]

Tomoro Naviforce NF9050 Digital Analog Sturdy Stainless Steel Tactical Watch

Hello and welcome to this Simple Tech Quick review! For this short video, we are bringing you the TOMORO Naviforce NF 9050 dual analog and digital stainless steel watch. The Naviforce is a Full stainless steel body, tactical style waterproof watch that won’t break the bank! And for the build quality, this watch is actually […]

USM @ Work: General Dynamics Bath Iron Works

At USM it’s a very integrated program that prepared me for my job here. Classes such as circuits, electromechanical energy conversion, power systems and a lot of the critical thinking and lab work that you do in those classes, I think that it’s not unlike anything you might do here as an electrical engineer here […]

Fallschirmjäger FJR2 Jitomir – Présentation d’uniforme

Hello everyone and welcome to this new uniform video review. Today, I will present you a German paratrooper outfit in version of battle Jitomir. First of all, I have to clarify certain points, as usual. This video is only a base that will serve you to build your uniform. This is by no means a […]

4ème DI US – tireur Bazooka à Hürtgen – Présentation d’uniforme

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video of uniform presentation. Today, I’m going to present the uniform worn by a Bazooka firer in the 4th US Infantry Division in Hürtgen. First of all, I have to remind you of some things, as usual. First of all, this video is just a base to constitute […]

Scientists dive off Pearl Harbor for answers on chemical munitions

on the ocean floor off Pearl Harbor dumped there by the military decades ago. The Army wants to know what leaky munitions are doing to the marine life. KITV’s Catherine Cruz shows us… Scientists are setting out to get answers… And using what could be the future of underwater research… 14 21 37 206 – […]