Arduino Tank Robot Project using the Devastator metal chassis!

Dear friends welcome to another video! In this video, we are going to build an Arduino Robot; an enormous autonomous tank and we are going to try it on the field! Let’s get started! Hello, guys, I am Nick and welcome to a channel that is all about DIY electronics projects. In this channel, […]

Homemade Spot Welder {English Subs – Greek Audio}

[Turning the welder on…] In this video we will show you our implementation of a spot welder. We won’t show you how to make one, there are hundreds of videos… …out there doing just that. Let’s begin with a simple button battery welding. We’ll be using a single pulse of 95ms width. [Swtiching to single […]

Hack Your Nerves with Electricity. Muscle Dancing with MIDI and Arduinos.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to DIY tryin. What are you looking at? I’m Patrick Norton. I’m Michael Hand. And I’m Tara Long. Uh oh. I have a little bit of a task for you guys, as related to hard science. I need you to make me some puppets. Puppets? Puppets? And I need those puppets to […]

How to Make a Metal Detector (Arduino Project!)

Hey! Look what I got! Is this supposed to be a weed wacker or a metal detector? I think it’s a metal detector. Let’s turn it into a metal detector. I had to get riddle of the bubbles… for science. Here’s how you use it. Hold the trigger to scan, point at some metal, and […]

Harnessing Electricity To Communicate

Hello from Redmond. The Education Workshop’s been thinking a lot about electricity and the vital role it has played in the changing world of communications. We are excited to present a collection of hands-on activities that will guide your students from the invention of the electrical circuit to the development of the Telegraph. The lesson […]

DIY Soldering Station

When it comes to creating electronic circuits on a piece of perfboard, you will always need a decent soldering iron. Now i’ve been using my Ersa i-con Pico soldering station for two years now and it still works perfectly fine. But there’s another popular soldering iron/station manufacturer called JBC which supposedly sells the best of […]

Electricity’s Affect on Plants

Does soil charged with different voltages affect the growth of Mammoth Sunflowers. If the soil is charged, then it will stimulate the seed, causing it to start growing sooner. Too much electricity will kill the plant. You will need the following materials. Once complete, the cup should look like this. The Arduino is the brain […]

Launchpad || DIY or Buy || Keyboard Matrix & MIDI Tutorial

A while ago, I ordered myself This so-called Launchpad Which, in my opinion, not only features a rather decent build quality, for only 70 euro but also offers a total of 64 square push-buttons And 16 round push-buttons By connecting it to a computer through it’s micro-USB port, the push-buttons can, for one, light up […]

Use Arduino to Switch Power On and Off!

Welcome to DIY Tryin. Build something new. I’m Patrick Norton. I’m Michael Hand. We were going to bring you the most amazing confluence of aluminum gas welding and lemons today. But that failed horribly. Yes. Yes, it did. So instead, Arduinos. Yay! What’s an Arduino? So Arduino is a microcontroller that you can program to […]

Arduino Garden Controller – Automatic Watering and Data Logging

I like fresh herbs I’m not a picky eater otherwise but add in some fresh basil cilantro rosemary or thyme to a meal and it just makes a huge improvement to any recipe so I pay for this stuff at the grocery store and some of it is expensive like two to four bucks for […]