inverter ac vs non inverter ac electricity consumption in hindi urdu /english subtitle

hello friends welcome to my channel today we are going to compare inverter ac vs non inveerter ac electricity consumption like share sub we have a inverter ac which is gree 1 ton and second one is lg non inverter ac lets compare them friends we have a little sutup we attached digitle metre and […]

MK: DIY Dragging the arc #QuickTip

What´s up, MK:DIY here! Today we gonna talk about welding. Sometimes for whatever reason, you can´t quite start the arc at the place you want to. Your workpiece might be dirty, or in awkward position. In this situation you can try dragging the arc from one place to antoher. You start the arc on place […]

Influence of grinding direction – Tungsten Electrodes

The influence of the grinding grooves on the arc behaviour. If the grinding grooves are located around the tip of the tungsten electrode, radially, there can be no stable arc behaviour. First we look at the behaviour of the electrons. In the case of radial grinding grooves, the electrons exit the material in a diffuse […]

Learning How to Weld with Arc Academy – The Arc

The Elements of Welding: The Arc So your first element of welding is your arc. Well, what is your arc? Your arc is essentially like a static electricity or a lightning bolt. It’s plasma. What is plasma? Well plasma is the completion of a circuit through gas, that’s what it is it’s the fourth ionizing […]

Cordless Anti-static Bracelet, Garbage or Junk?

Hi, Melvin asked me on Twitter if it is possible to make a bracelet that removes the static electricity from body and avoids shock Of course, there are these straps that ground the body and remove static electricity But is it possible to make a cordless one? And surely after I did a quick search, […]

Comment souder à l’arc avec électrode enrobée rutile ? Angle intérieur et extérieur. Soudure à l’arc

Hello little video on arc welding with coated electrode. In this video I’m going to show you how to assemble 6mm sheet metal I have to make an angle iron to fix a handrail pole on a stair step you will see in this video how to position the two sheets of 6 mm How […]

Soldadura con electrodo (CONSEJOS para la longitud del arco)⚡🔥🔥

Hello, I am Alejandro and be welcome once more time. To the channel learn every day, this time I bring you a video that deals with one of the most important parameters that we must control to leave a correct weld seam. This parameter is the arc length. The arl length The arc length is […]

5G Flange inside Tig welding (spot welding) 후렌지 용접 (인사이드 tig 용접)

~Click the Subtitle button~ Hello. Today is… I made a video about “Inside Flange” in “5G Position” Thank you for pressing “subscribe” and “like” Now, this is the flange that was “tacking” the previous time. If you are wondering about “How to fit up Flange to Pipe” please refer to the previous video I’ll try […]

Definition of Voltage and Current (ElectroBOOM101-002)

Hi, now that you know the most accurate theory of how electron came to life, let’s get into electronics, but not quite yet. I can’t just tell you what the voltage and current are – the video would be too short. You won’t quite grasp the meaning. So when scientists were discovering electricity, they already […]