How to do longitudinal welding?

How to do longitudinal welding? Today we are going to talk about an application for longitudinal welding The aim is to obtain high-speed beads in automated or robotised applications in wire process on carbon steel welding We will use a 3-thickness plate that we will have previously clamped to prevent distortions and the objective be […]

How to achieve clean and smooth arc-striking?

How to achieve clean and smooth arc-striking? One of the main conflicts during welding is the arc-striking phase When we begin to weld, the material is cold to start with, so when the wire sticks to the sheet metal it tends to bounce off The new generation machines have systems that facilitate ignition preventing arc-striking […]

아크용접으로 사각프레임 만들기

Hello, we’re in a steel workshop. I’m going to use a square pipe today. Let’s make a square frame. Last time I was building a table bridge, I made a square frame. I didn’t do a 45-degree foundation. We’re only building it at 90 degrees. I explained it to you. Today, we’re going to make […]

Best Bel Air Metal Fabricator | 443-767-4067

Best Bel Air Metal Fabricator | 443-767-4067 Bel Air Stairs & Railings does residential, commercial and industrial metal fabrication and welding. We have been a metal fabricator for over 30 years, first in Baltimore and now in Bel Air. We still serve the Baltimore area but we can keep our metal fabrication and welding […]

아크용접 초보를 위한 동영상.

hi~ For those of you who are new to welding, I’ll give you one of the most basic tips. Get weld training, or… You will learn welding through an acquaintance who knows how to weld. This is what I hear the most. I want the welding rod on this base to be properly spaced. If […]

СВАРКА БРОНЗЫ электродом. Electrode welding of BRONZE.

How to prepare your SMAW testing coupons before final Inspection Pt.1

Video Shot at Fullerton College by Tevor Nichols and Brenden Wethington and Hector was there too…..


[SMAW] 용접시 쉽고 빠른 용접방법

What is the purpose of this? This image is a method that can be welded without stopping welding to remove slag during pipe welding. Of course, this is the way many people know, and I think there is a more convenient way. What you need is the file you saw before the video. The pipes […]