What Happens If All The World’s Ice Melts?

Waterworld is one of my favorite movies… okay to be fair I haven’t seen it since I was like ten. But besides Kevin Costner with gills, what would that kind of a world look like? What happens when all the ice melts? Hi everyone Julia here for Dnews Lots of headlines warn about melting ice. […]

Antarctic ice melt: What’s the difference?

You’ve heard that Arctic sea ice is melting You know that’s a big deal for climate change But what have you heard about the Antarctic? Most of us probably think that the Arctic and the Antarctic are pretty similar One’s at the top with polar bears, one’s at the bottom with penguins They’re both cold […]

What Happens If The Polar Ice Caps Melt?

From its affect on the land, to its effect on all life on Earth, join us as we reveal to you what would happen if all the ice on the Earth melts. 10. Proves Global Warming Is Real Believe it or not, there are some people in the world right now that still don’t believe […]

5G Technology Results that will Literally Melt Your Heart

We’ve heard a lot of hype about 5G And today, we are going to expose some truth and find out about what it’s really about What is the 5G cellular network and what exactly is it capable of What does the equipment and hardware looks like And what should you watch out for And the […]

What if Antarctica MELTED?

This is Antarctica. Today, it’s mostly known for ice, penguins, and not much else. Or, in another way, Antarctica is easily forgotten, with some people not even bothering to include it on their World maps. But in modern times, we’re beginning to hear more and more about Earth’s southernmost continent. Mostly through news reports on […]

Sea level rise is so much more than melting ice

– So, we do lots of climate and environment stories, and we’ve run up against one concept all the time, sea level rise. This probably isn’t news to you, but as the planet warms the average sea level is rising, and it’s threatening coastal populations around the world. But we got tripped up by one […]

Very Thin Ice: 10 years of Auto-Tune the News & Songify This

very thin ice (echoing from the depths of ancient youtube chambers) at the North Pole, new satellite photos show arctic ice is melting so fast oh snap, how fast? many scientists now predict it will be gone within 30 years surely you jest I’m under cardiac arrest, shawtayee some researchers think it could disappear in […]

NASA | Warm Ocean Melting Pine Island Glacier

[music] Narrator: The Pine Island Glacier has been called the weak underbelly of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. It’s large, thinning rapidly, and is a major area of focus for researchers concerned with contributions to sea level rise from shrinking ice sheets and glaciers. For years satellites and airborne missions have been observing changes in […]

What If All The Ice Melted In Antarctica?

Antarctica. The Underside of our Fair Planet. Did you know that down there, right at the southern tippity point – is over 26.5 million cubic kilometres of ice, jammed up and packed together in an absolutely colossal ice sheet that comprises the frozen continent. Now – in a completely hypothetical apocalyptic scenario – imagine that […]

What If All The Ice Melted On Earth? ft. Bill Nye

You’ve likely heard about the effects climate change is having on our planet and specifically in the Arctic which is warming twice as fast. But what would actually happen if all the ice melted on Earth. Bill: I can help with that! When you and I drink water We drink non-salty water, we drink fresh […]