NEW Coin Ring Folding Tools! Hardened Stainless Steel Stabilizer Folding Cones and Spacer Set!

hey guys Martin from Coin Ring USA and today I want to demonstrate the latest rollout of my coin ring folding tools, what I call the forever folding cone and spacer set because finally; these are machined out of hardened wear resistant stainless steel you guys asked and I listened after many requests this is […]

Bake your PLA and have it outperform everything else! #Filaween

Ok, so I mentioned how Proto-pasta promises extra strength and rigidity for their HTPLA line of filaments if you essentially bake them in the oven and anneal them. This causes the typically unorganized, amorphous microstructure of the plastic to crystallize and form larger grains that are much more of a consistent, uniform element within themselves […]