Valtteri Bottas “Welded to Memory – The Mask”

They say us Finns are a bit shy. Not in all cases though you know. It´s been since becoming a Formula One driver people notice your face and they spot you on the street or in different places and I´ve had a couple of funny moments. Either in a sauna and others in the showers […]

Kemppi X8 – Change is here in industrial MIG/MAG welding

It’s time to redefine industrial MIG/MAG welding. For over two decades Kemppi has been leading the development of digital welding solutions. Now the time has come for us all to take the next logical step by unleashing the enormous potential of IoT, the power of connectivity. Today, with the new technology, we give you welding […]

Valtteri Bottas “Welded to Memory – The KEMPPI Welding GP”

So you guys are here for a welding contest. And I hear you are pretty fast. Of course we are. But what I want to see how you do against one of the fastest guys on this planet. Okay… Hello… I’m very surprised. I’m his big fan. It’ll be so fun. Yes, I was a […]