Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes THE MOVIE – Full Story

She told us everything. Don’t worry, I’ve kept my word. She didn’t suffer long. Here. You earned this. How’s it feel to play the traitor? No more war games, you’re a real man, now, soldier. Give my regards to your Boss, when you get home. Ten days ago, we got reports that Paz was still […]

Bringing Johns Hopkins to San Francisco (Full Program)

(upbeat music) – Good evening everyone and thank you for joining us. Since 2014, I have served as the Senior Advisor to President Daniels for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, part of Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures and in this capacity I have the great privilege of taking the products of our immense academic energy of Johns Hopkins […]

EIFFEL 65 – BLUE DA BA DEE (Metal Cover)

Yo, listen up. Here’s a story, about a little guy that lives in a blue world. And all day, and all night, and everything he sees is just blue. Like him, inside and outside. Blue his house, with a blue little window, and a blue corvette, and everything is blue for him, and himself, and […]

SR25 ECC Review (Gameplay) Best Gun Setup | Battlefield Hardline Weapon Guide (SR-25) (BFH)

Hey hows it going guys, Kris here and in this battlefield hardline weapon guide Ill be going over the SR-25 ECC in quite a lot of detail. its a semi-automatic sniper rifle so it only fires one shot at a time and being a sniper, youl only be able to use it on a professional […]

Everything is Overpowered – Game Balance Thoughts – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Conquest Metro Gameplay

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: I want to talk today about something that bothers me whenever I hear the word, and that word is “overpowered.” It doesn’t bother me at face value, but what bothers me is when people use it baselessly. I’ve seen a lot of players, across a lot of games, typically use this […]

Grundfos Energy Audit

For me, a Grundfos Energy Audit means significantly reducing my operating costs and helping the climate. First, a Grundfos specialist carries out on-site measurements of values such as pressure, temperature, flow and energy consumption, and enquires about occurences such as pump starts and stops and valve openings and closings in my system. Then, Grundfos analyses […]

Hydroponics Without Electricity – Using The Water Powered Dosatron

Bless You and Your Veggies, Do Subscribe to [Yeah I Like It] Below 🙂 Stopping by in this video I want to show you My honest review and I hope I will be able to highlight all the pros and cons of this product. So let’s begin Hi folks doing I’m Chris Lundgren with dosatron […]

Core Values of Asian Culture & Inspiring True Stories with Dr. Cathleen Gerengeer

dr. Nick Delgado here and I’m with dr. Cathleen Gerengeer she is in Tampa Bay Florida we have a special live session talking about the Veterans Day and I thought it was really appropriate to talk about Veterans Day with you dr. Gehringer because you actually lived through one of the most current wars in […]

How to Become a Successful Metal Musician in 2019

how to become a successful metal musician in 2019 step 1 start on YouTube that’s right YouTube is where it’s at it worked for Jared dines it worked for Nik nocturnal it can work for you too it’s very hard nowadays to be in a touring band and become the next Metallica so if you […]

Cordless Anti-static Bracelet, Garbage or Junk?

Hi, Melvin asked me on Twitter if it is possible to make a bracelet that removes the static electricity from body and avoids shock Of course, there are these straps that ground the body and remove static electricity But is it possible to make a cordless one? And surely after I did a quick search, […]