Qual a diferença entre os Amplificadores Beat 3000, Electra 3000 e o Ice X 3000? | Banda Responde #1

Hey guys tuned in the Banda channel I’m Rafael, technical advisor of Banda and we’ll start a new show here on Banda which is the Banda responds we will answer the questions that people sent on instagram just go there and ask the questions, we will answer you HERE Both on Youtube and Instagram what […]

Mercedes ML350 Stereo Amplifier Fuse Location

ladies and gentlemen this is a special request video showing with the sound amplifier is ML 350 this is in the truck and if you look at the fuse panel is thirty Yelp deals is the sound amplifier green 30 amp fuse is your sound amplifier ok this is for an ML 350 2006 and […]

ENGL Ironball 20 Amp – Modern Metal Demo! | Axe Palace

What’s up guys, it’s Sam from The Axe Palace again, and today Chris and I are checking out the Engl Ironball head. Alright, let’s get into it!

HOW to make an arc welding machine using the toroidal transformer of an amplifier, Power core

Hello all of you. Today I go back to the topic of power supplies for amplifiers and electric arc welding machines. That is the power supply for the high power amplifier that I made in the previous video. Use toroidal transformer to make arc welding machine. It is a toroidal transformer. I removed this toroidal […]

Calculation and homemade construction of a Toroidal Transformer

Calculation and homemade construction of a toroidal transformer The toroidal transformers are inductors in a donut shape, are very used in high-power amplifiers. Experts in this fine art like the philippines and the indonesians, they use toroidal transformer to feed the amplifiers of their gigantic portable sound boxes. An example of this is used in […]