Salute to Skills: Workshops for Warriors and Hire Heroes USA

I don’t even really remember not being a Marine. It’s only been five years, but everything else feels like it was like my childhood. It’s very scary trying to go out into the job market, especially when you have a job that doesn’t translate very well into non-government organizations. One of my friends told me […]

Welding – Careers in Focus – Career Connections – WGTE

♪ I’m Zachary Kulwicki. I am a welder and fabricator. A welder gets to play with fire and electricity a lot. On the most grandiose scale, it’s pretty much shooting bottled lightning into a volcano. There are three different forms of welding. MIG welding, which is metal inert gas. that’s for most production welding. You […]

How to Get Ahead Using the American Welding Society!

– Hey, everybody! So 2019 marks a big year in the welding industry. Over a hundred years ago, the AWS was founded by Comfort A. Adams, on March 28th, 1919. This year we’re going to celebrate their centennial anniversary. As a token of our appreciation for everything that the AWS does for us, we went […]

Welding Technology

Learn welding at Surry Community College to boost your job skills or start a new career. Surry’s welding students are trained to be industry ready and pass welder qualification tests in accordance with the American Welding Society standards and specifications. Average pay for entry level welders is about $18 per hour with an earning potential […]

Welding: A Skill Required in Every Industry

>>Up next of ATE TV: A look under the hood at the career of a welding technician. [ music ] Take a look around and you’ll see that most of the physical world involves welding. It’s not just auto manufacturing and ship building. Welding is a highly technical field that involves lasers, robotics and computer […]

I Want That Job! – Welder I WorkingNation

What’s up guys? My buddy Nathan is a welder and he absolutely loves his job. Check out this video to learn more about his craft. My name is Nate Swink and I’m the CEO of Swink’s Welding Incorporated. I’ve been welding since I was 13 years old. Welding is a very physical job. You’re really […]

GNTC | Welding and Joining Technology (revised)

(music) (Announcer) Welding is a major part of virtually all manufacturing, construction, repair, and processing industries. It is a necessary function in the creation of all vehicles, buildings, bridges, pipelines, planes, boats, rockets, and much more. The Welding and Joining program at Georgia Northwestern Technical College prepares students for the welding industry by providing practical […]

Welding at American River College

In the process of me trying to get work doing metal fabrication, my skills were lacking a little bit, and so I decided to come to school and take advantage of the program. I had heard a lot about it and I had heard they had well-respected instructors here. It was kind of a no-brainer. […]